Six of the Most Common Household Cleaning Scams

Professional cleaning services such as Happy Cleaning Services of  Jacksonville are blessings to busy homeowners. From messy living rooms and smelly quarters, they can clean them all. Warning, not all of them are gifts. Sadly, there are a few scammers who quietly taint their cleaning gusto. They underperform what was asked of them to do, or worse, they just rob people’s money. This has been a perennial problem in the cleaning industry. Those establishments which have survived over the years have seen this. They come and go. Technology has somehow curbed this dilemma through review websites. Bad operators can be slammed by their previous customers, making it harder for them to operate.   

On top of review websites, prevent yourself from getting a cleaning service con artist by reading these three most common cleaning service scams:


  1. Unlicensed contractor 

This is placed number 1 for a reason. Not having the license to operate mean two things: they do not have proper training acknowledged by the state (this is already a red flag because apparently, they do not know a thing or two about honest cleaning service); and they can’t give you a proper financial trail because they are out in the hiding, preying on homeowners. The affordable rates might entice you, but these rates do not include insurance; hence, putting yourself, your family members, and your home in danger.  

     2. Organic cleaning scams 

Switching to all things organic is the latest buzz nowadays. Cleaning service is of no exemption to this trend. The crisp scent with its powerful cleaning abilities of citrus can really entice the homeowner. Con artists will abuse the eco-friendliness of their products to their prospects. If they’re charging relatively low yet they say they’re using earth-friendly products, politely tell them you’re not getting their service. Most likely, they will only use a portion of it and will use synthetic cleaners all the way. Eco-friendly products are expensive.  

     3. Scams on gutter cleaning 

Gutters are hard places to clean. There is so much effort to be done- from using the ladder to reach elevation up to checking the parts itself. Talk about time consumption! Cleaning services now offer this kind of job to entice busy homeowners who do not have the time and energy to do this. Sneaky cleaners would only stick to pressure washing for this type of chore. It is very easy to just blast everything in the gutter. The thing is, this chore needs some elbow grease too. Spare your house from inefficient pressure washing by asking if they will provide pictures after cleaning it. If they can’t and will say a ton of excuses, politely tell you’re not hiring them. 


The essence of cleaning service business is rooted in tidiness and its wonders. Legitimate owners find joy in seeing cleanliness wherever they get the chance to do it. They are hardworking and honest with their outputs. It is of no wonder that they want to expand their cleaning work to the public through their business. More importantly, they will abstain themselves from doing scam just because they want quick earnings. Again, these are the type of people who like cleaning the most.