6 Dos and Don’ts of Hiring Help

So now, you’ve finally considered getting professional help for your cleaning woes like maid service of Orlando. The mess that have just piled up in months will now be cleaned by your chosen maid service provider. Congratulations! Now you’re cleaning journey has just began. That’s right; you will have to take part in this process for there are etiquettes to follow. Not following these etiquettes can be troubling on your end for they will find you condescending and rude. Before you’ll end up being a maid service client quagmire, check these three (3) dos for a repeatable and happy maid service experience. 


  1. Do prepare the house for cleaning 

Get those muscles working by prepping the house on what needs to be cleaned. The idea here is that your giving your hired maid focus on things that matter most through. Grant them easy access to countertops, tables, and floors. Gather all those shoes, toys, clothing, and other clutters lying. Easy access means more cleaning time. 

Pro tip: Safekeep your jewelry, cash, gadgets, and other valuables.  

     2. Do communicate properly 

Ask them first for feedbacks coming from previous clients. You will get an idea of their body of work. You can also ask for their work ethics. Then, relay to them your expectation of their cleaning service as a response to how impressed you are. If you are allergic to certain cleaning products, address this issue now. Most certainly, they can provide an alternative to this. Do now an ocular inspection with your hired maids. Instruct them of important matters to consider (like certain surfaces to be cleaned by oil only). Take pictures while you do the inspection. This will serve as your reference on how efficient they cleaned the place. 

Pro tip: Once they will have a good picture on their task, ask them for a cleaning schedule. You can track their progress if you’re unable to join them.  

     3. Do trust and respect your cleaners’ schedule  

If you have chosen a reputable maid service, chances are you are not the only client they have for that day. They want to cater to many clients they can. So it is expected that they will clean with a limited time. Rest assured that their speed will not compromise results. They already have a systematic way of cleaning. So, all you have to do is initially prep the house, and let the maids do the cleaning.  


Pro tip: If you’ll join them, be there to entertain their questions politely.  


In summary, thorough preparation, open communication, and utmost respect are the things you need to do before the cleaning battle with your hired maid service. Professional maid services are blessings to you busy homeowners. From messy living rooms and smelly quarters, they can clean them all. Warning, not all of them are gifts. In exchange, be a blessing to them as well. Show them good manners. They will be pleased with the professionalism you have showed. In effect, they will clean with gusto; for not only they like cleaning itself, but also they will feel that you deserve a good place to stay.